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Serenity Lashes

About Us

100% Cruelty-Free

All Serenity Lashes' are made 100% cruelty-free. Synthetic fibres are used to recreate the feel and look of real mink false eyelashes for our Silk Collection and our Mink Collection


Serenity Lashes' luxurious quality ensures wear up to 25 times, with proper care. Wear more, save more!

Available in 40 Styles

With high quality, Serenity Lashes offers you 40 styles to choose from, each carefully handcrafted to perfection. Whether you desire a light lash for an everyday look - or heavy, lush lashes for a night out, Serenity Lashes has a lash for every occasion. 

Glitter in 24 Shades

Our glitter line is so fine all you need is an eyeshadow primer to apply our loose glitter. Our glitter is carefully crafted to make sure it is sensitive eye safe!

black light reactive neon pigments offered in 10 shades

True neon pigments, what you've all been waiting for. These hard-to-find shades are exactly what you need. These highly-pigmented powders are black light and UV reactive -- making them a perfect choice for clubs, parties, and neon runs. Our neon pigments are fluorescent and easily buildable, making it easier than ever to create neon looks. The pigments can be used on the face and body and in combination with eyeshadow.

Our Promise


Every lash is handmade and packaged by hand - carefully, to ensure each product meets Serenity Lashes' exquisite quality standard.

quality assurance

Each and every lash is inspected multiple times, when they are handmade and various times throughout the packaging process. This is to prevent lash styles from being uneven or below Serenity Lashes' expected quality.


Serenity Lashes' aims to make being beautiful affordable; with competitors retailing false eyelashes for $20 or more, Serenity Lashes offers affordable prices for the same quality as competitors. Lower prices does not mean inferior quality with Serenity Lashes.

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