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  • Are the lashes made of real mink hair?
    Yes, our MINK collection is made of 100% cruelty-free mink hairs. Serenity Lashes prides itself in it's 100% vegan collections - LUXE AND ANGEL - and cruelty-free products. The vegan collections of Serenity Lashes products are made up of thick synthetic fibres that recreate the look and feel of 100% 3D-Mink lashes.
  • Do the lashes come with glue?
    No! However, we would be happy to suggest great brands we've discovered so far. Psst...! Our all time favourite glue is House of Lashes!
  • Do I need glitter glue to apply the glitter?
    Not at all! Our glitter is so fine that all you need is an eyeshadow primer as a base! Psst -- concealer works too!
  • Can I reuse these lashes?
    Yes! We encourage it! Serenity Lashes is made to last up to 25 uses - more even with careful care. Given that you clean and take care of the lashes correctly, Serenity Lashes will last almost a month!
  • Are there professional makeup artist discounts?
    Yes! We value the talent of our makeup artists and to show how much we appreciate you we offer a 30% off discount. To apply for this program, please click the link below.
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